Westwood's Elementary Curriculum Connections
3-5 Math Resources

Number Sense and Operations

Revise Wise Math- Activities and games that focus on Number Sense, Data, Measurement and Mental Math.

Skillwise Math Activities- Activities and games to develop math skills.

SumSense Multiplication- See how many multiplication problems you can solve while being timed.

Make Five- Play this game alone or against a partner, know you multiplication facts and develop a strategy and you will win.

SumSense Division- See how many division problems you can solve while being timed.

Who Wants Pizza?- Practice with fractions.

Fraction Facts- Explanation of fractions and activities to practice.

Virtual Manipulatives- This math site is full of interactive activities.

Fraction Flags- Design a flag using the correct fractions.

Patterns and Geometry

Billy Bug- Learn more about coordinate grids through this interactive

Pattern Recognition- Practice filling in patterns.

Shape Surveyor- Students can practice calculating area and perimeter with
this online activity.

Money and Measurement

Metric and customary measurement tools- Review tools used to measure and then test your knowledge.

Stop the Clock- An activity for practicing telling time to the minute.