Westwood's Elementary Curriculum Connections

Clip Art for Teachers

DiscoverySchool ClipArt- A great collection of school related clip art organized by topic.

Classroom ClipArt- A good collection of clipart organized by subjects and topics.

Science Clip Art- Clip art with a science theme.

Web clip Art- A good collection of clipart sorted by subject. Sometimes graphics are buried two levels deep...be patient.

Teacher Files- Collection of school related clipart, some of the graphics are a little hokey.

Barry's Clip Art Server- A large collection of free clip art. This site has it's own search engine to locate specific images.

Bellsnwhistles.com- This site contains lots of images, backgrounds, animations, bullets, horizontal rules and other resources for building web pages. This site is a little difficult to navigate but hang in there it's worth the effort.

Remember when downloading clipart on a Macintosh put the cursor over the image and hold down the mouse button; (windows users move cursor over the image and right click) select save image as. Save the image into a folder where you will remember it's ocation an image folder on the desktop works well.

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