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Social Studies


Teacher/Parent/Student Resources

Cleopatra: A Multimedia Guide to the Ancient World

Odyssey Online: Egypt- Excellent kid friendly resource! Includes information and activities related to People, Mythology, Daily Life, Death and Burial, Writing and Archeology. This site even includes real audio help in pronouncing Egyptian vocabulary.

Ancient Egypt -Facts and information on Ancient Egypt provided by the British Museum.

MFA: Eplore Ancient Egypt Exhibit- Visit the Museum of Fine Arts Ancient Egypt Exhibit online.

Ancient Egypt- In the webquest you will learn how mummies are made and how your name looks in hieroglyphics.

Egypt Webquest-Research and Design an exhibit for a museum on Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

Ancient Egypt Museum- A webquest created by Westwood teachers.
Nova Online- The Pyramids- Come explore the pyramids of ancient Egypt with a fascinating virtual tour!
Egypt's Golden empire- The Great Pharoahs
Discovery Channel- Ancient Egypt
42Explore- Ancient Egypt- Learn about everyday life in Egypt

Virtual Egypt- This site has galleries of ancient art, postcards and a hieroglyph translator.

Clipart for Egypt: Neferchichi's Tomb

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