Westwood's Elementary Curriculum Connections
K-2 Math Resources

Number Sense and Operations

Little Animals Activity Center- Easy to play addition and subtraction games created by the BBC.

How Many?- Simple game for counting objects and sets of objects from the BBC.

Number Basics-These online activities are designed to give students
practice with number recognition, place value, and basic operations.

Dog Bone-Practice finding numbers in a hundreds chart.

Ghost Blasters Even- Try to find all the even numbered ghosts.

Virtual Manipulatives- This math site is full of interactive activities.

Ghost Blasters Odd- In this activity you will try to find all the odd
numbered ghosts.

Patterns and Geometry

Kindergarten Shape Page- this site gives students the opportunity to name
and identify basic shapes.

A World of Shapes- a great way to introduce shapes to younger students.

Buzzing with Shapes- this is a great shape game designed by Harcourt.

Matching Shapes- this site allows students to match basic shapes.

Revise Wise Math- Play these activities to review and practice the rules of patterns.

Pattern Recognition- Practice filling in patterns.

Fill in the Missing Numbers- Develop number patterns by filling in the missing number in these patterns.

Money and Measurement

Money Experience for Kids- Money practice drills through three games: Making Change, Spending Money and Piggy BankBreaking.

Measure It!- Practice your skill at reading centimeters and inches.

Bang on Time- This game was created to practice time telling skills.