Westwood's Elementary Curriculum Connections


General Resources

TERC- Terc is an education research and development organization. The Westwood Public Schools implements the TERC math program. Their website contains information about their math and science programs and projects.

Investigations- This website provides links to online games and activities that support the current TERC math curriculum, Investigations. This link takes you to grades 2-3 games and activities. From here, you can easily navigate to other grade level online games and activities.

Math Stories.com- House of math word problems for children, this site has 4,000 math story problems for children. They are organized by grade level and categories such as division, multiplication, fractions, pattern , critical thinking problems and multistep problems.

Multiplication Applet- This applet allows you to generate an array by multiplying two numbers, also shows skip counting along the rows.

Quia! Mathematics- Offers a variety of computation Java games.

Women & Geometry- An Archive of American Patchwork Quilt Designs

Problems of the week/ Problem Solving Activites

Math Forum-This extensive math site has a problem of the week, Ask Dr. Math and resources for teachers and students.

Houghton Mifflin Education Place- Mathematics center that includes brainteasers and and online math activities.

The Lemonade Stand- Problem solving interactive game in which students run a lemonade stand. Students make decisions regarding pricing, supply and demand that effect the outcome of the game.


Money Concepts

Money Experience for Kids- Money practice drills through three games: Making Change, Spending Money and Piggy BankBreaking.

Aplus Math- This site has a variety of games including counting money.

How Do I Get The Most For My Shopping Dollar?-Use math skills to determine the best deal.

A Web-based Interactive stock Market Learning Project for K-12- This project revolves arouns an interactive stck market competetion between classmates using real-time stock market data from the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.


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