Westwood's Elementary Curriculum Connections

Safe Cyber Surfing


Never give out personal information on the internet.

Never use the Internet to harm other people in any way.

always ask for permission to use pictures or text from someone's website in your work.

Protect your password(s).

"lurk" before you leap; read what others have written before you post your comments.

While at school, use the Internet only for school-related activities, homework, research, etc.

PBSKids TechKnow- Learn the "Rules of the Road" on the information superhighway. This interactive site has activities to teach safe surfing on the Internet. After completing these activities Kids recieve a PBS Web Liscense.

The Three Little CyberPigs-This site features an interactive privacy game for children. The game's purpose is to teach seven-to-ten-year-old children how to surf safely on the Net, and particularly how to spot and navigate around Internet marketing ploys.

Westwood Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy-Review the Westwood Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy to ensure appropriate and safe Internet use.

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