Westwood's Elementary Curriculum Connections

Grade 3
Simple Machines

Student Resources

Introduction to Simple Machines
This site is a great way to introduce your students to simple machines. There are great animations for each example as well as a detailed description of each. Also, the photos section has wonderful real world examples of simple machines found in school and at home.

Simple Machines Construction Site
Students can explore simple machines with kid friendly definitions and so much more. Jobs #1 and #2 include practice activities and give students an opportunity to identify simple machines in the world around them. Job#3 provides a slide show for reviewing simple machine concepts, and a great class assessment.

Inventor’s Toolbox
This site gives a description and picture of each simple machine.


Dirtmeister's Science Reporters Simple Machines
As part of the Scholastic website this site gives great information about each of the simple machines.


Simple Machines
At this site you will find great definitions and examples of all simple machines.


This site has a great glossary of simple machine terms. You will also find great activities that test your knowledge of simple machines that can be found
around a house.

The Essence of Simple Machines
This site is a great extension for your simple machine project. Some parts of this site have challenging vocabulary, but the "Find the Simple Machine" activity is great for testing all your students' knowledge.

Brain Pop
In the Technology section view a movie on Inclined Planes and Levers. This is a great way to introduce the unit. There is a limit to how many movies can be viewed each day.

Marvelous Machines
Here you will find great experiments as well as worksheets that students can use to collect examples of simple machines they find at home.


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