Westwood's Elementary Curriculum Connections
Social Studies

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Social Studies Topics


All About Me


Community Jobs


Grade 1

US National Holidays

Patriotic Symbols/Songs

Famous Americans

Neighborhood/Local Mapping

Grade 2

Geography: Countries

Geography: Continents



Geography: Continents and Oceans


Grade 3



Colonial America

Massachusetts History Massachusetts: Geography Economics/Natural Resources

Grade 4

Regions of United States

Immigration Lessons

Immigration Links

Westward Movement

Lewis and Clark

US Government

Washington, D.C.

N.A. Geography

N.A. Geography: Quizzes, Maps and Interactive Games

Grade 5

Aztec, Incan, Mayan

Early America

American Revolution

The Constitution Foundations of Government

Early Explorers/Maps

Massachusetts' History and Social Studies Curriculum Framework- Full text of the Massachusetts History and Social Studies Curriculum Framework also available for downloading as a Macintosh or windows file format.

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