Westwood's Elementary Curriculum Connections
Social Studies

Grade 2
Native Americans

Teacher/Parent Resources

Childrens Books with Native American Indian History, Themes and Characters - This is a resource page with links to children's books relating to various Native American Indian history, themes, and characters. Includes individual tribes and regions.

National Museum of the American Indian - This is the site of the National Museum of the American Indian sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution. It includes exhibits, calendar of events and educational resources.

Indigenous People's Literature- Site includes literature by Native American's including legends, myths and poetry.

Little Sioux Organization- This site is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Lakota Indians. Includes movies and sound files of original music and dance, folklore, and biographies of famous Lakota Sioux.

In The Times of The Old Ones- This webquest explores the Navajo Indians' close relationship with the land they lived on. Explore Navajo legends and geometric rug patterns.


Student Resources

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