Westwood's Elementary Curriculum Connections
Social Studies

Grade 5
Age of Exploration

Teacher/Parent Resources

Latitude- Latitude changed knowledge of the world in the 1500's. This site explores the effects of latitude on the explorers and navigational techniques.
The Age of Exploration Curriculum Guide- Resources and information on the age of exploration and explorers.
Discoverers Web Explorers- Divides explorer resources by time period, region, and individual explorers.
Discovery and Exploration- Map collections, information and resources on exploration.
European Explorers - Offers a variety of resources on explorers organized by country.
Voyage of Exploration- Incredible resource with a database of explorers, timelines and additional resources.
Why Explorers Explored- Gives reasons why explorers left their countries to explore as well as a wealth of resources on individual explorers.









Student Resources

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