Westwood's Elementary Curriculum Connections
Social Studies
Grade 4

Quizzes, Maps and interactive Games

National Atlas- This site gives you the opportunity to create your own maps as well as an abundance of printable maps. It also provides the latitude and longitude of any given town and city when using the Map Maker feature.
BrainPop Movie- This link will take you to a free brainpop movie on Latitude & Longitude that explains the terms in a "kid" friendly way. There is also a quiz that can be taken after watching the movie.
Latitude & Longitude in the U.S.- This table gives the latitude and longitude of major cities in the U. S. Students can use an atlas to identify the cities by their degrees of latitude and longitude.
Anchors Aweigh-Learn all about Latitude and Longitude and then test your knowledge by playing Anchors Aweigh Mapping Game. Students must have a good understanding of Latitude and Longitude to succeed at this challenge.

State Web Games- Great interactive games to learn the location of states, capitals and more. Start with the "Locate the State" game.

National Geographic GeoSpy- Type in your name or pseudonym then select states and provinces, then select the US and begin.

Funbrain: Where is that?- Choose the United States then choose your level.

Vector Kids: State Capitals- Click on a state on the map then select the appropriate capital.

Quia: US State Capitals- Choose a game to help learn the state capitals.
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