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Weather Tools Scavenger Hunt
Introduction to Weather tools lesson

National Weather Service- Find the weather in any location, has different types of National Weather Maps.

The Weather Channel- Find out the weather anywhere in the world.
(use with the regional weather data collection)

Web Weather for Kids: CLOUDS- Great Photographs and descriptions of cloud types
(Use with Cloud Lesson)

Weatherbase: Records and Averages-Data on various locations around the world
use with the Precipitation Lesson
It's A Breeze: How Air Pressure Effects YOu- Select the Control the Weather Link to see how barometric pressure effects the Weather
(Use with the pressure lesson)

Weather Fronts- Great site for students with experiments.

WW2010: Fronts - Excellent resource for teachers, good diagrams and visual for teaching.

Bay Kids Weather Page- Weather glossary, jokes, stories and activites all for kids.

Franklin's Forecast- Fabulous weather website from the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Lots of activites are included on the site.

The Sun Times- An Internet project for classrooms, record the temperature and minutes of sunlight per day and compare results fro m around the world.

The Global Temperature Project

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