The Westwood Public Schools has a set of Guidelines that all staff members should follow when designing web pages. Please adhere to the guidelines.

In general, when designing a webpage you should design for a resolution of 800 X 600 pixels maximum. This means the width of your page should NOT exceed 800 pixels. TIP: In DreamWeaver, go to View, Rulers, Pixels to turn on the rulers and see the width of your page in pixels.

Be Consistent in the design of your website. Keep navigational elements in the same place and use a consistent color scheme.

When testing, make sure you view your web page in both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Your page may look different in one of the browsers. If possible, also look at the page on both a Macintosh and a Windows computer.


PlaceMark Web Design Page




More than any other item, the visuals (i.e., pictures) on your webpage will determine the user's overall experience. Images must be in .jpg or .gif file formats. When you send me your webpages to upload you must also send the images to be uploaded. Images are not imbedded in a webpage like in a word processed document. Images are generally kept in a separate image folder so the path can remain consistent.

Clip Art Links

Barry's ClipArt Server

Home of the Horizontal Rule

Classroom ClipArt

Bells n' Whistles

Remember: When you download images rename the image but KEEP the appropriate file extension!




Background images can add to your webpage or can be a major distraction making your text unreadable. Be selective using background images. In DreamWeaver select Modify, Page Properties, Browse then select the background image you want to use.

Background Links

JavaScripts and Applets can also be added. Many are available free on the web. Follow the directions carefully when integrating them into your pages! Bells n' Whistles has a variety of applets.

DreamWeaver Tutorials



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