We have read part of King of Shdows by Susan Cooper. Many questions come to mind including: What was life like in sixteenth century England? Nat Field discovers first hand the life of an Elizabethan actor on the Globe stage. What is known about the original Globe Theatre and how has it changed today? Who is Shakespeare and what is his relationship to the Globe Theatre? Complete the following task to learn more about these questions.

Your task today is to find 4 important dates related to either Shakespeare or the Globe Theatre, depending upon the topic which you have been assigned. In addition to the 4 dates, please find 4 images that relate to those dates. Remember to use the recording sheet to write down the date, the event and the name of the image that you saved. Later you will input these dates into timeliner to create a timeline and a short slideshow.


Internet Resources

Now that you have completed your research. Bring your recording sheet to one of your teachers to get approval to begin using Timeliner to create your timeline of events.

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