Leaps and Bounds

Issue 150   October 8, 2004


72 Deerfield Avenue

Westwood, Massachusetts 02090

781-326-7500 x-1504   (Fax:  781-320-0189)




Monday, October 11th                                    Columbus Day celebrated, No School

Thursday, October 14th                                 School Committee, WHS Music Room, 7:30PM

Friday, October 15th                               9:30 Library Volunteer Open House

Friday, October 15th                              First day of Ramadan

Saturday, October 16th                           Westwood Young Women’ Club Crafts show

Wednesday, October 20th                      Early Release Day K-5, 12:35 dismissal

Mon-Wed, November 8th-10th               PTO Sponsored Book Fair, watch for hours



Messages from Deerfield Departments:


From the Art Department:

A few years ago I helped to rewrite the curriculum for the art department. The opening statement of the art curriculum, I believe describes what I try to do throughout the year.


-A quality art program promotes understanding of the unique role and capacity of visual language to communicate feelings and ideas. The art curriculum is designed to nurture and sustain the process of visual communication through experiences that encourage self-expression.


-Original and authentic expression is achieved through activities that develop and sustain a child’s natural curiosity, encourage the acquisition and use of visual language and tools, and foster an experimental and self-reflective attitude.


-Experimentation with a wide variety of artistic materials and techniques, exploration of various modes of expression from observation to abstraction, exposure to the artistic heritage of different world cultures, and cultivation of imagination and reflective thinking are all essential components of our program.


-The art curriculum is designed as a sequential and spiraling program where essential elements and principles are covered in each grade, with progressive intensification and complexity added in successive years.


So Far this year we have been working on a variety of projects. The fifth graders started with three-dimensional personality self portraits based on the work of Frank Stella. We are starting a Matisse paper cut lesson. Grade four started out the year making beautiful line designs, we then organized the art history books we made at the end of last year, and we are now working on color mixing with watercolors. The third graders started the year making Olympic figures in motion. They made them out of model magic, painted them with watercolors and mounted them onto backgrounds. They are now working on landscapes. We talked about Joan Miŕo and one of his landscapes, and are experimenting with a new technique using black paper, glue and chalk. Second graders started the year doing a painting. We then started working on sun sculptures we are making out of paper mache and eventually painting with warm colors. Grade one started the year with a painting too, and then did a primary color design. The last lesson was on overlapping shape, and this week we are painting ships for Columbus Day that my Great Grandmother actually carved. The Kindergarten classes are doing lessons based on the elements of design. So far they have done a lesson based on line, shape and color and this week they are drawing a picture of a Columbus ship.

We have been very busy doing all different types of things. I tell the children to remember that none of us are always happy with everything we do. They just need to keep in mind that next week we will be using some completely different type of material that they may like better! So relax, and do you best.  Thanks for reminding them.

~Martha Coleman


Music News:

Westwood Public Schools 

Performing Arts Department

Mission Statement:

The performing arts program strives to develop the potential of all students to understand and respond to music, movement and drama. It encourages student participation in a broad spectrum of experiences that are participatory, challenging and rewarding. It motivates students to achieve at their highest potential. It provides a foundation for students to understand, discuss, think and write about performing arts. It provides opportunities for students to create and perform. It teaches the role of the performing arts in today’s society and the relationship of the arts with our personal, social, cultural, civic and intellectual lives. Lastly, the performing arts program supports and reinforce the recommendations of the Massachusetts Performing Arts Curriculum Frameworks.

In Kindergarten music, we are learning how to sing alone and with others and learning the difference between our singing and speaking voices.  In 1st grade music, we are learning new songs and dances concentrating on steady beat. Ask about our “Grizzly Bear” song. It’s one of our favorites!  Second graders have been learning songs and music games from Africa. We are also learning how to distinguish the difference between low, medium and high pitches on the staff. Third graders are learning how to read rhythms in preparation for the recorder. Watch for information on recorders, which will be starting in January.  The 4th grade meets twice a week. Once for General Music with Mrs. Goldman, and once for Instrumental Music with Mrs. Goldman, Mrs. Cote and Mrs. Wooten. In both classes, we are learning the function and sounds of the band and orchestra instruments. We are looking forward to our Field Trip to Symphony Hall in Boston to hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra on November 16th!

The 5th grade meets twice a week with Mrs. Goldman for General Music and Chorus. In music, we are refining our rhythm reading skills by playing and composing on the tubano drums and other percussion instruments. Our 5th Grade Chorus has been learning to sing in 2-part harmony as we begin to learn our December concert songs. Look for upcoming information on the December 14th concert.

~Mrs. Goldman and Ms. Slesinger






Notes from Physical Education:

            This year, Deerfield is pleased to have three veteran teachers teaching Physical Education;

Ms. Fritz, Ms. Wine and Mr. Foley. Becoming physically educated is a developmental process that begins in early childhood and continues throughout life. The physical education program involves the total child and includes physical, mental social and emotional growth experiences. The physical education program provides instruction that will enable the pursuit of physical fitness and a lifetime of physical activity. The goals of our Physical Education program are to teach students to become skillful movers and proficient in the basic skills needed to participate in a variety of physical activities. By the end of the fifth grade, students will understand the importance of life long physical activity that can lead to an active lifestyle. We will keep your kids active, excited and eager to learn new activities in Physical Education. We encourage you to make time to exercise with your children. Autumn is a great time to take a hike, go biking, and play football or soccer! We look forward to an active and great year with the Deerfield community.







The front driveway will be open for drop-off and pick-up only during arrival and dismissal times. Cars may not park in the driveway from 8:00-8:45am and 2:30-3:30pm. Do not leave your car in the front driveway to enter the school, park in the spaces on the side of the building.


Thank you for your cooperation








Student Council Update:

Congratulations to the new Student Council Officers and Representatives. 

We also recognize and appreciate all those students who participated but did not get elected.


School Student Council Members:

President:          Matthew Reissfelder

Vice-President: Nicholas Antonellis

Treasurer:         Jake Zapcic

Secretary:         Zachary Blum


3R                                3C

Caitlin Cassidy              Jeremy Welborn

Katie Blue                    Charlie Hill

Stephen Erickson           Alexandra Reissfelder


4E                                4GS

Molly Wolfe                  Graydon DeCamp

Claire Underhill             C.J. Hunter

John Gebhardt               Alyssa Verzino


5                                  5

Madeleine Cook            Elizabeth Dorsch

Corey Murphy               MaryKathererine Norton

Nora Smith                   Molly Stachowicz






Notes from the Health Room:
There have already been a few cases of strep reported at Deerfield this year.  If your child complains of a sore throat, headache, stomachache or develops a fever, please have them evaluated by a doctor.  Strep is highly contagious, so a child must have been treated with antibiotics for 24 hours AND feel well enough to return to school.  If they had a fever, they must be fever free without the use of medication (i.e.
Tylenol or Motrin).  Feel free to call 781-326-7500 ext 1504 or e-mail
tdeangel@westood.k12.ma.us or tdeangel@townhall.westwood.ma.us anytime.  

Tricia DeAngelis RN



Crafts Show:

The Westwood Young Women’s Club will hold it’s 29th annual Crafts Show on Saturday, October 16, 2004 from 10am to 4pm at the Thurston Middle School, 850 High Street, Westwood. The juried event, featuring more than 60 crafters, will include handmade baskets, children’s items, clothing, holiday items, jewelry, pottery, and much more. Lunch will be available. Admission is $3 for adults, free for children under 12.  The show is wheelchair and stroller accessible. Admission fees are donated to local charities. All tickets are sold at the door. Raffle sales donated to the Senior Tax Relief Fund.








Sign up for Deerfield Listserve: The Westwood Public School is offering an additional way for parents to stay informed about events in their children’s schools called Deerfield Listserve.  Deerfield listserve is for parents who wish to register their email address and receive school information through the listserve email connection. You will receive information as a personal email message.  Items sent to registered listserve emails will include the school newsletter or information from the office or nurse.  The listserve is confidential and is not available to other participants or the public. Only designated school personnel will post information to listserve subscribers.  You may register with home and/or work email addresses.  To register, go to the Westwood Schools webpage at http://www.westwoo.k12.ma.us.  Select “Deerfield” under “Our Schools” and then select the “Deerfield Listserve” link on the left side of the web page. Or go online and type in http://lists.town.westwood.ma.us/mailman/listinfo/deerfield.  Subscribe by typing your email address, your name (optional), and your password.  Click on subscribe.  You will then receive an email to confirm your registration.  With this email message you will be listed as a subscriber on the Deerfield listserve.  Your password can be used to change your email address should the need arise.  Any family with email should add their names to our listserve list!






News from the Westwood Youth and Family Services

The Westwood Youth and Family Services is pleased to offer, for the tenth year, THE FRIENDS NETWORK PROGRAM for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade boys and girls of Westwood. The Friends Network program is a BigBrother/BisSister type program that matches high school volunteers with elementary school children to form a special one-on-one friendship. Children play games and do arts and


crafts with their big friends as well as talk about things that are important to them. The program is facilitated by Lisa Rose, LICSW and Valeria Barrett, MA. The high school mentors are given training to prepare them in their role as a Big Friend. The program meets every Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm November-April at the Senior Center. For more information, please call MaryAnne Carty at 781-320-1006. Space is very limited




Fund Raising Events:

The annual “Sally Foster” Gift Wrap Sale will take place from October 4-15. Last year, our school made close to $6000 from this sale. Please plan on making it a success again by participating. 

Kati Ryan will be chairing this event




Bus Evacuation Drills:

On Tuesday, K-5 students received bus evacuation training from Officer Brad Pindel, our new School Safety Officer. Students practiced bending their knees, putting their arms forward, and hopping off of the back of the bus. Students also listened carefully to information regarding bus and bus stop safety.  Thank you Officer Pindel for helping us to keep safe!