See an interesting web site?
Just click the picture and GO!

This is the official web site for Scholastic News our weekly classroom magazine. The site has a copy of the magazine, related nonfiction information, extension activities plus many fun activities. The activities are designed to support first grade literacy and math concepts.
This is the official Dr. Seuss web site by RandomHouse. You will find information about the author, his books and many fun activities. You can also find information about other children’s authors.
This web site has science information with many simple, beginning science activities. It also has a quick movie of the development of a monarch butterfly!
This web site has information about USA coins and the states. There are many activities, games, nonfiction information plus the latest USA mint news. In addition to the information about different coins/bills, it has information about the states and many fun activities.

This web site has great general animal information and pictures,
and it ties in nicely with our classroom focus on organisms.

This site has flags from around the world. Have fun locating a place on a world map and then finding out what the country’s flag looks like.
This web site is from the presenters who visited Deerfield in October. This site has pictures of the birds of prey and a lot of nonfiction information.
This is the web site that had our Halloween party craft. It is from Disney. I have not explored the whole site- there are many parts including advertisements.