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Westwood Public Schools K-12 Performing Arts
Middle School General Music Curriculum
  1. Sing songs in unison with others.
  2. Play simple rhythms, melodies, and chords on girl taking a voice lesson
    rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic classroom instruments accurately and independently.
  3. Play independent instrumental parts confidently while other students sing or play contrasting parts.
  4. Demonstrate skill in matching tone quality, listening to others, balancing and blending while performing in groups.
  5. Play with expression.
  6. Perform original music by reading notation.
  7. Write and read simple rhythms with whole, dotted half, half, quarter, and eighth notes and rests in 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 meters.
  8. Explain and apply the following symbols: meter/time signature, repeat sign, sharp, flat, piano, crescendo, forte, decrescendo.
  9. Identify the names of notes on the treble clef.
  10. Notate music while composing short musical pieces.
  11. Identify and discriminate between the elements of musical composition: rhythm, melody, harmony, form, expression.
  12. Listen to music, explore the purpose and expression and composers of a variety of musical styles.
  13. Create short pieces demonstrating the appropriate application of rhythm, melody, harmony, and expression and form.
  14. Use correct vocabulary associated with the elements of music.
  15. Discuss elements of music based upon teacher defined criteria.
  16. Understand music in contexts by learning how all musical elements are present in music, regardless of the music's style, origin, or when it was written.

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