Sound Resources- Links to sound files on the web.

Top Ten Reasons No One Watches Your Video Clips- If you are not sure why your videos are not in high demand this is a must read!

How to Make a One Minute Movie- Great tips on movie making from the BBC and other notable experts. What's even better is you can submit your own one minute movie here!

Shot Types- An overview of all the most common shot types used in film and television (refer to this resource when developing your storyboard!)

Framing your Shot:
Rule of Thirds-PhotoSpot, good general description of rule of thirds.

Digital Photography Tutor- Great advice on where to position your subject or focus.

Camera Angles- More information on camera shots and angles. This also has other resources related to stop animation.

How to Shoot an Interview - Great resource for shooting an interview, includes structure, framing and composition

Seven Interview Tips - Seven tips for developing a good interview.

Museum of Early Video Editing and Techniques- A history of early video editing and how the field developed.

The Xbox Auteurs- Interesting article from the NY Times about "machinima"; using your Xbox to create a movie.

Pixar- Intersesting shorts and information about pixar films.

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